Thursday, September 18, 2003

Look out! Hurricane Isabel is on her way! As usual it looks like the Carolinas are going to bear most of what this hurricane has to offer. Up here in Canada it looks like we get to experience a day of rain and heavier than normal winds. Learn more about how hurricanes work here.

Do you remember where you were during Hugo in '89? It just so happens that I do! The night Hugo hit Toronto I was on my way to Canada's Wonderland to see the Fine Young Cannibals in concert. This evening was of particular importance since it was my first real concert experience and some little hurricane was not going to spoil it. My actual first concert experience was going to be Platinum Blond a few years earlier but just before they were to arrive in Kingston to play at memorial arena the band broke up (sad eh?).

OK, back to the hurricane....

So we made it to the concert and from what I remember we saw most of it before deciding the heavy rain and wind were getting stronger. Then it was with great sadness that we left the concert (I'm pretty sure we left early but my memory is fuzzy on that one) to try to get back to Whitby in one piece.

Needless to say the 1.5 hour drive home was scary at times due to said hurricane (Hurricane Hugo if you weren't paying attention). One particular moment I remember clearly (odd for me) was hydroplaning and almost wiping out on the on ramp to the 401 from the 400. While the weather certainly had something to do with it, I later discovered that the tires on the car (a Dodge Aries for anyone that was wondering) were very old and desparately in need of replacement.

Oh well, that is the extent of my hurricane story. In usual fashion my memory is a little fuzzy on some of the details but it is still a story nonetheless. You can be the judge on whether it is a good story or not.

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