Sunday, October 26, 2003

Los Angeles - Day 1

Welcome the first installment of my blog while in sunny Califronia for the Microsoft PDC. So without further ado let me begin...

My day started at 5:00 am in order to catch my 7:15 am flight from Ottawa en route to Los Angeles via Chicago. I got my first glimpse of the new Ottawa airport this morning as well and was thoroughly impressed. For this first time Ottawa actually has an airport that most other cities of its size already have!

Well enough about the airport, guess what else happened today? Both of my flights left on time and arrived on time or early!!! Cool eh? Also, en route to L.A. our plane flew over the forest fires currently blazing justg outside the city. I could actually smell the fire in the cabin and the entire sky turned orange-red for a few minutes. Just a little bit eerie.

After arriving in Los Angeles I was greeted by a warm and hazy day. I promptly found a cab and made my way through the notoious L.A. traffic to my hotel, the Park Hyatt. This hotel is absolutely amazing and I feel a little out of place. Every car that drives up is either a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes or Porche. The service is amazing though and tonight I am taking care of the complementary show shine service.

After checking in I quickly changed as I was eager to start exploring the city. My plan today was to find a bus and make my way the Santa Monica pier about 8 miles away. From Santa Monica my desire was to rollerblade to Venice Beach along the Ocean Front Walk. The bus ride to the beach took about 30 minutes. I first walked along the beach for a bit and dipped my feet in the Ocean. I then put on my rollerblades and started my 1 mile trek along the ocean to Venice Beach. I wasn't sure what to expect in Venice Beach but wasn't disappointed. This place is a hippie haven and has street vendors selling everything imaginable. I picked up some cheap t-shirts and a blanket while there along with plenty of people watching.

By now the day was wearing on so I decided to start my blade back to Santa Manica in order to catch the bus. Before getting on the bus however I decided to walk a bit in order to find a pharmacy in order to buy some toothpaste plus some snacks for the week.

After getting back to the hotel I finally met up with Stefan and his wife Rebecca. All three of us decided visiting the Sunset Strip would be a good way to spend the evening. I had a good time in Sunset Blvd. There were lots of ultra trendy clubs with even more limos parked in front of each of them.

This now brings us to the present. I am currently sitting in my bed typing away while watching VH1. Tomorrow is a full day of touring the city so I am sure I'll have a lot to write about tomorrow night.

Good night.

P.S. Remember to turn your clocks back tonight.

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