Monday, October 27, 2003

Los Angeles - Day 2

Well, what another full day! As my only full day in L.A. without a conference to go to my plan, along with Rebecca and Stefan, was to see all of Los Angeles in one day. Yes, one day! In order to achieve this feat we booked ourselves on the "grand tour" of L.A. This 3/4 day bus tour managed to show us most of the sites and was worth the money. Here is a quick run down of the sites I saw. Marina del ray, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, celebrity homes, Beverley Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, plus more!

So the bus tour showed us lots of the city but let me tell you about the rest of my day...

We were dropped off at the LA convention center at around 3:30 in order to register for our conference. First of all, the LA convention center is huge. No, you don't understand, it's HUGE!! How can I make you realize the imense size of this place? OK nevermind just believe me when I say huge. Our registration included the obligatory t-shirt plus a nice lap top bag that was packed full of promotional goodies including a fairly beefy book. Today was the pre-conference so it wasn't very busy but we spent our time looking around in order to get acquainted with the building. Now it was time to catch the shuttle bus back to our hotel.

Once returning to the hotel we dropped off all our stuff in our room and then went back downstairs to catch the limo to Beverley Hills. Yes you heard right...our hotel includes complimentary limo service to anywhere in Beverley Hills. Tonight we decided to go back to Rodeo drive in order to check it out more closely and to find somewhere for dinner. First of all, our limo dropped us off at the Beverley Wiltshire hotel which is the hotel in Pretty Woman and right next to Saks Fifth Avenue where Winnona Ryder was arrested for shoplifting. From the hotel we walked around the Rodeo Drive area and checked out all the stores. Shannon would love this place!!! Thne stores are pretty pricy but from what I saw they all had some very nice and trendy stuff in them which at the very least be fun to try on. Do you want to hear something odd? Beverley Hills is clean. After walking around for a bit we began to notice that the streets were absolutely clean. Not a single piece of garbage anywhere, no gum stains, no grafitti. It was very odd to see such a clean city. I guess it was one of those you had to be there experiences.

Spirit fingers!! Let me see those spirit fingers!!! Can you tell what movie I am watching right now? These are spirit fingers.

Well that pretty much brings me to now. I am in bed typing away and getting ready to go to sleep. I have to be ready to leave at 7:00 am tomorrow in order to get to the convention center on time to have breakfast before Bill Gates talks to us for three hours. More on that tomorrow.

Good night. ;-|

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