Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Los Angeles - Day 4 (Tuesday)

Man I am tired! I have been getting up before 7:00 all week and it is beginning to take its toll. I am going to try going to bed early tonight since tomorrow will be a long day.

There really isn't that much to talk about today. I had another full day at the PDC which pretty much meant sitting in hour after hour of presentations and eating too much. I did get the chance to try out riding on a Segway though. This was a pretty fun experience and a very different feeling.

Tonight also happened to be opening night for the L.A. Lakers. The Staples Center just happens to be right next to the convention center so on the way out of the conference tonight the Staples Center was all lit up in blue and there were search lights everywhere. The streets were packed with cars and people and definately had quite a Hollywood look. Too bad I couldn't actually get in to watch the game.

Tomorrow is the party at Universal Studios. This should be a lot of fun so I'm sure I'll lots more to share tomorrow.

BTW...Today's picture is of teh brand spanking new Walt Disney Performing Arts Center. This very unique building was designed by the same guy that did the Guggenheim museum's in New York and Spain.

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