Thursday, October 30, 2003

Los Angeles - Day 6 (Thursday)

This will probably be my last post from sunny (and sometimes smoky) California. I am off to have lunch and then will be leaving the convention centre and the PDC for the last time. While it has been tiring at times I have enjoyed experiencing the conference and learning about all the new Microsoft technologies that are on their way. On the other hand I am also read to go back home in order to see Shannon and Emma and all my friends.

So...what did I get up to yesterday? Well the conference was pretty much the same as every other day but as you probably know last night was the attendee party at Universal Studios. The party was lots of fun but the time went by way too quickly. By the time our bus arrived at the park it was already 8:00 pm and we only had until 11:30 to enjoy everything. First stop was food. I wolfed down a burger and fries and then was ready to tackle some rides.

The first stop was a haunted house based on the Mummy. Shannon would have especially liked this since there were people in there that would jump out at you. Next (after grabbing a free beer on the way) was Shrek 4-D. This was basically a glorified movie that takes place after the movie left off. Besides just watching and hearing the movie though we also were in seats that moved and vibrated, blew air on you and sprayed water on you. It all accounted for a very realistic and fun experience.

Next it was off to the backlot studio tour of Universal Studios. While interesting the tour was in the dark and it took 45 minutes which cut into my time to do other rides at the park. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have done this tour. Oh well.

After the tour the next ride was Back to the Future. The line was sort of long for this ride so I grabbed a free Cinnabon and beer for the wait. By the time I was out of Back to the Future it was 11:00 pm. With 1/2 an hour left I was hoping to get to do the Terminator 3D ride but by the time I got there it was closed. By now most of the park was closing too so all I had time to do was get another beer and get a few gifts from the souvenir store. They also had free carnival type games I was hoping to play so that I could try to win a big stuffed animal for Shannon. Lots of people were leaving the park with Scooby-Doos etc but not me. :-(

It is now noon here in LA. I am going to grab a quick lunch and my last smoothie and then head off to the Warner Bros studio in order to catch their last tour of the day. Tonight I hope to walk around Beverly Hills for a bit and then find somewhere nice to have my last meal.

Thanks for reading. More pictures will be posted once I get back to Ottawa.

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