Sunday, January 25, 2004

Well January is well on its way to being over and what a month it has been so far. Since coming back from New Jersey Shannon and I have been constantly on the go with work, recreational activities (ie. skiing) and most importantly, moving.

Our move on January 15 was fairly successful but VERY cold. The movers did not show up since they had the day wrong but they sorted it out and arrived three hours later. While this setback put us back a few hours we were just happy to get the move over with. We spent the night before painting the kitchen and family room so while a little tired had enough energy to get through another long day.

Anyway a little over a week has gone by since the move and our house is slowly beginning to look like a home. Room by room we are getting our belongings unpacked but I predict it will be at least another week before we are completely done unpacking.

I promise pictures of the new place are on their way but for the time being please have a look at the latest album on the birthday

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