Friday, April 30, 2004

The Leafs won 3-1!!!!! What a great day!

Beyond, watching the Leafs win at a bar in San Francisco here is how my day went. I finished up with my meetings in San Jose earlier than anticipated after spending a day and a half going over how to use the product I help develop. I then got to talk to Shannon (yay!) for a while and spent some time going over emails. By now I was ready to head out to the glorious San Jose sunshine. I went down to the Adobe Cafe and sat outside while having lunch. Well by now I was finally beginning to wind down after a non-stop week of work and fun. By now it was 2:00 and it was time to say goodbye to San Jose for the last time and begin the trek to San Francisco again. I was with a bunch of co-workers and this time we took the coastal road to San Francisco in order to see the ocean one last time. Great! Once arriving in downtown SF we found a bar with a big screen and settled in. Once the game started I took off for one final loop around the nearby streets to check out some of the stores. Store number 1 was Old Navy and I bought something. Great! I went in a bunch on other stores but alas no more purchases were to be made. Well by now it was 6:00 and the hockey game had about an hour left so I went back to the bar for a few more drinks and food.

What happened next? Well...the Leafs won...and then it was finally to bid farewell to San Francisco for the last time and head towards the airport.

I now sit in the hotel I was dropped off at writing this blog using my free Internet. Yes, that's right I am getting free Internet in my room. Holiday Inn Express rocks! What to do now? I'll probably head out for a quick walk and then spend the rest of the night in my room since I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

Ottawa here I come!!
Hi y'all! Did you know the plural of y'all is all y'all? That is just one of the many tidbits I learnt this week.

Well, it is now approaching noon on Friday which pretty much means my week in San Jose for the Adobe Tech Summit is over. I also just finished my last meeting so am taking the rest of the day off to take some final pictures. Tonight I'll be back in San Francisco to watch the Leaf's game at a bar and then will be spending my final night at an airport hotel.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I have posted some pictures of my trip to San Jose. Please check out the gallery here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Well it is now Tuesday night. It feels like I have been here for a week already but I am meeting lots of people and learning lots.

Last night we went to a nearby hall for what is called the Adobe Product Shootout. This is basically a fun night out that includes differen teams from within Adobe showing off their latest products. Each team is given 10 minutes to show off the best off their products and the team that impresses the audience the most wins! Pretty simple eh? The product shootout is great but the rest of the night was devoted to food, booze and games. Foos and booze is pretty self explanatory right? As for games there was rock climbing, air hockey, jousting, bull riding, foos ball and more to keep us computer geeks entertained for a few hours. I definately took advantage of the free beer and ended up going to the local pool hall after the event completed. Anyway, I ended up going out pretty late and getting up this morning was not fun.

Now on to today...

More of the same really. There more sessions to attend (some better than others) and I also ended up going back to Adobe HQ in order to introduce myself to some of the employees there since I will be spending most of my time there on Thursday and Friday.

I still haven't had any free time. Actually, I haven't even been outside yet today. It is now 8:30pm so I think after I finish writing this I will venture outside for a bit for some fresh air. The weather is still very nice so it should be a good night for a walk.

I think that is all that is going on with me right now without going into too much of the boring Adobe details. So, until next time ... good night. :-)

Monday, April 26, 2004

Yay, I found and Internet connection!

Sunday - recap

Well I arrived in San Francisco last night and I spent most of today along with two co-workers exploring the city. Since we only had one day we pretty much only had time to see to usual tourist haunts. We walked through Chinatown, explored Fisherman’s Warf and went on a cable car ride. I took lots of pictures as usual sand will try to post some as soon as I can. As the day drew to a close however it was time to start to making the trek back to San Jose, which is about an hour from San Francisco. Instead of taking the highway however we took the coastal road instead which provided for some great views and traffic jams :-). I finally made it back to San Jose just past 8:00pm, checked into my hotel room and was also able to catch the tail end of the tech summit welcome reception. For the rest of the evening I went with a bunch of other co-workers to a local bar and also made a quick stop to the mother ship in order to check out the digs (very nice by the way).

Monday - so far

The early mornings begin! I was up just after 7:00 am this morning in order to have time to register and have breakfast.

Did I mention the weather yet? Well it is awesome! Yesterday must have been close to 30 degrees! Since we were outside most of the time yesterday I actually got some sun – maybe even a little burn. I have yet to really explore San Jose but am hoping to squeeze some time in during the week to do that. Unfortunately, my schedule is pretty tight all week so my desire to see more of the area may not happen. There is also an aquarium in San Francisco I am hoping to visit. This aquarium has a clear tunnel you can walk through so it feels as though there are fish swimming all around you (jealous Shannon?).

Right now it is early afternoon on Monday. I just finished lunch and skipped the current session since the material being covered I have heard before. Tonight there is an event offsite for everyone that will most probably involve more eating and drinking. I will have to update you on that one on my next posting.

P.S. My web site seems to be taking its sweet time refreshing itself lately so my blogs aren't showing up immediately. All I can hope for is that they will appear soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Wow! What a save!

Lalime is definately back in his game but I dare not say anymore for fear of putting some voo doo jinx on 'ol #40 before tonight's game. Ah, yes, game 7 of the Battle of Ontario is tonight. The streets will be empty and bars and homes across the province will undoubtedly be full. No matter what the outcome though I am certain it is going to be a good game (but we all know the Sens are going to win right?).

... after the face-off - Ottawa Senators Hockey Club (NHL)

Go Sens Go!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Kelly said she already knows she's engaged so I'm adding a new entry just for her.

I will be leaving for San Jose this weekend in order to visit the mother ship (aka. Adobe headquarters). While I will probably be kept quite busy with Adobe business I am at least hoping to see San Francisco and the coast before having to go home. As usual I will take pictures and try to post a few while there and try to write about what I am up to each day as well.

Want to know more about San Francisco and the surrounding are? Here's a link.

San Francisco