Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Well it is now Tuesday night. It feels like I have been here for a week already but I am meeting lots of people and learning lots.

Last night we went to a nearby hall for what is called the Adobe Product Shootout. This is basically a fun night out that includes differen teams from within Adobe showing off their latest products. Each team is given 10 minutes to show off the best off their products and the team that impresses the audience the most wins! Pretty simple eh? The product shootout is great but the rest of the night was devoted to food, booze and games. Foos and booze is pretty self explanatory right? As for games there was rock climbing, air hockey, jousting, bull riding, foos ball and more to keep us computer geeks entertained for a few hours. I definately took advantage of the free beer and ended up going to the local pool hall after the event completed. Anyway, I ended up going out pretty late and getting up this morning was not fun.

Now on to today...

More of the same really. There more sessions to attend (some better than others) and I also ended up going back to Adobe HQ in order to introduce myself to some of the employees there since I will be spending most of my time there on Thursday and Friday.

I still haven't had any free time. Actually, I haven't even been outside yet today. It is now 8:30pm so I think after I finish writing this I will venture outside for a bit for some fresh air. The weather is still very nice so it should be a good night for a walk.

I think that is all that is going on with me right now without going into too much of the boring Adobe details. So, until next time ... good night. :-)

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