Monday, February 21, 2005

Die Adler

So I went to my first European hockey game last night. The game was the Mannheim Adlers (Eagles) vs. the Nuremburg Ice Tigers. The Eagles won 4-3. Interestingly the eagles had some out of work NHLers on their team. One I can remember is Hecht who I think plays for the Buffalo Sabres.

Watching hockey in Europe is nothing like North America. The fans over here are amazing and the players really show their appreciation for the fans. First, the energy at the rink is huge. There are people drumming beats and EVERYONE chants along. Basically, take what you've probably seen or heard of soccer fans and put them in a hockey rink. They really love their team and show it. At the end of the game all the kids hang of the glass and the players come out for high fives and to wave to the crowd. I wish they did that in thr NHL. Also on the topic of hockey was their arena. It was outside! OK, that is a bit of an exageration, it had a roof but the sides were open to the outside so needless to say it got pretty cold inside. Also, one half of the arena was standing room only, that's where the real fans were. We opted to pay 26 euro each though to get a seat five rows from the ice.

The restaurant attached to our hotel is called Cafe Gecko. We get breakfast there for free but it looks like it is a pretty popular place the rest of the day as well.

Anyway, they have a web cam so who knows you may catch a glimpse of me sitting at the bar having a drink. I am six hours ahead of you so may be there around 10 or 11 pm your time.

Cafe Gecko web cam

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