Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Life at SAP

We went out to a local brew pub last night for dinner. The beer was awesome and for food most of us ordered bratwurst, sourkraut and fried potatoes. Very german eh? What was also neat were the tables. The pub just had large square tables for about ten people so you are expected to sit at someone else's table if there was room. Since the place was packed our group of six joined to locals. They were nice and knew enough English but we did have to correct them when they thought we were American. I guess that is understandlable though since there is a large US Army base nearby. Speaking of the US good 'ol P. Bushy is visiting close by today. Supposedly he is visiting a military hospital were causualities of the war go.

OK - on to what I do during the day since no one seems to believe I am actually doing any work here. SAP is in a town called Walldorf which is about 30 minutes from Heidelberg. So far I've taken a cab only once and have had rides in the other two days. The SAP complex houses over 10 000 people so it is large! We are in building 3. In order to get in the building you need a security pass which I have. The security is pretty tight they have revolving doors like at the subway but glass that only move once your pass is accepted.

For the most part this week I have been catching up on all my work left back in Ottawa. I have also been learning a bit more about how SAP works and what its culture is like which was one of my objectives. I also need to meet with a few people that work here but haven't done that yet. so basically I am an Adobe face here who for the most part is just doing his regular day-to-day job. The days are a bit longer though, 8:30 to 6:30. Usually there is then just enough time to have dinner before going to bed. I'll save my story about lunch until another time.

I hope everyone is doing well back in North America. If it makes you feel better it has snowed every day since I got here.


Anonymous said...

Aha! It's snowed every day... Guess you're glad you brought your coat after all, underpacker!! Kelly

Anthony said...

I even wore my scarf for the first time today. That should give you an indication of how cold it is. I never wear a scarf!!