Friday, February 25, 2005

Lunch at SAP

Lunch is provided for all SAP employees. Our building has a huge cafeteria that is laways packed at lunchtime. Each day there is a new menu of items to choose from and it is all controlled by electronic access cards. Since we don't work for SAP they have machines that you can fill your card up with money. The cost of lunch is always 5.50 euro every day no matter what is being served. It is still cafeteria food but for the most part it is retty good.

Last night we got back to Heidelberg at 7:00 so had an hour before the stores closed to get in some shopping. I had already run out of almost all my cash since no where likes credit cards that much. I decided I might as well go to a bank machine and get more money out while I had the chance. The first bank machine didn't accept my card. :-( I wasn't too worried yet but after three bank machines I was beginning to think bringing just my PC financial card was a huge mistake. What was I going to do for a week with no cash? I decided to try one more bank (it was much bigger than the others) and luckily the machine spit out a bunch of bills much to my delight. Actually, unlike machines in Canada which for the most part only give out 20s this machine gave me an assortment of 5, 10 and 50 euro bills. Very nice.

It is now Friday and I am sure I will have lots more stories over the weekend to share about my adventures in Switzerland and Stuttgart.

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