Saturday, February 26, 2005

My day in Zurich

It is late Saturday and I just got back from my trip to Zurich, Switzerland for the day. Needless to say I am wiped right now. I walked myself silly for almost 8 hours and didn't even stop for food. Central Zurich is definately meant for shoppers, with lots of expensive stores to choose from. I went in a few but for the most part just kept walking. The Altstadt (old town) was nicer to me since it had lots of tiny cobble stone streets to explore. To walk its old streets is to follow in the footsteps of such famous figures as Charlemagne, Goethe, Einstein, and Lenin. The oldest houses date from the 1100s. After seeing as much of the city on foot and with a few hours still to spare I hoped on a subway and left town in order to take ride up the side of a hill in a cable car in order to get some nice views of the city. There lots of walking trails up there also but it was pretty cold so I pretty much took some pictures and then head back down again.

Geesh - I have more to say but am really tired. I am getting up early again tomorrow to go to Stuttgart so need some sleep.

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