Saturday, February 19, 2005

Toronto Stopover


I am Toronto right now enjoying another quick stay at the Maple Leaf lounge in Toronto's new terminal 1. I poured myself some honey brown on tap and am now benefitting from a delicious rum and coke. Boarding for my flight starts in about five minutes so I need to finish up and get to the plane.

Next stop...Germany!!

P.S. My thumb is doing better but I still haven't found any hand cream. Don't worry Shannon I will moisturize as soon as I can.


Skippy said...

I think this is my first blog ever! Anyway, just wanted to wish you a safe trip, and to have a beer or 6 on the plane on the way to Germany (if you are not already there). Keep us posted on your adventure, Comrad!

Anthony said...

Hey Skippy - I think you are the first person EVER to comment on my blog! At least I know someone is reading it. :-)