Tuesday, March 08, 2005


It is finally Tuesday. I had a very restless sleep last night probably because I was excited to go home.

Yesterday I was still in Heidelberg and finally had the chance to tour the castle. My plan was to also do some shopping before leaivng for Frankfurt. I say "the plan" because I didn't get any shopping done. The tour of the castle went much longer than I thought and I ended up having to run back to the hotel in order to catch my shuttle. I left the castle at 12:47 and had a good 15 minutes walk/run to get back to my hotel. With some margin of error I tohught I was fine. What I forgot to consider was Germans and their punctionality. I got back to my hotel literally at 1:01 pm. I saw the blue TLS shuttle waiting and then I saw the driver get back in and start to leave. Woa..calm down you are getting ahead of me. Using the last bit of energy I had I spinted to the van and started knocking on the window. I think I startled the driver a bit but she did stop and let me in after picking up my luggage from the hotel. The morale of the story is when in Germany make sure you are always early.

Ok, so I got to Frankfurt and checked into my next hotel yesterday afternoon. I pretty much dumped off my stuff and then headed to the airport to catch a train to downtown. There have ben several times during this trip when I have felt a little Amazing Race'ish. Trying to figure out the trains is one of those moments. I can just see the clue saying "take the train to the main station in Frankfurt." Unlike on the show there are no ticket agents to talk to all you have is a machine in German. so I basically ended up randomly hitting buttons until I got something that looked right and then gave the machine some money. In the end it really didn't matter what I bought since it is very rare that anyone will even check your ticket.

In the end Frankfurt was a bust. The main reason I went was for al lthe great shopping it supposedly has. I spent two hours walking the main shopping area and came out with nothing! Sorry no shoes Shannon. At least I can say I've been to Frankfurt I guess.

Back at the hotel I finally got to go swimming (one of the reasons I picked this hotel). I was all by myself but had fun just the same.

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