Friday, March 04, 2005

Late night at the bar

So we decided to go back to the Schnitzelbank for dinner last night. This restaurant is a tiny little hole in the wall with about five tables in it. It is quite normal to share your table with other guests when it is busy which is what happened last night. The three of us were at a large table and invited a couple over to share our space which they graciously accepted. They were a German couple in their fifties from Heidelberg. Anyway after ordering food we got to talking and it turns out this couple had quite a few interesting stories. The man was a dentist and him and his wife travel three times a year for two weeks each time since Germans are entitled to six weeks of vacation. They have been all over the world (not Canada yet) and were telling us about it. They have been to the Carribean and all over Asia as well. Over Christmas they had thought about going to Indonesia for their vacation but at the last minute decided to go to Turkey instead. While skpping Indonesia was very lucky they also told us about being in Costa Rica during earthquakes, Cuba during hurricane Charlie and deep sea fishing in 10 meter waves. Even still they seemed to enjoy all their trips.

After dinner we were having such a good time that the German couple invited us out to a bar for a few drinks. We were like sure why not. By the way, we started dinner at 7:30 and didn't leave the restaurant until 11:00 pm just to give you an idea of how restaurants never rush you to leave. We walked to the Altstadt and ended up at a pretty small bar that was packed when we arrived. Luckily we got some seats along the bar and ordered a round of Pils (like lager).

What started out as a stop for one beer soon turned into more beers and soon enough 2:00 am rolled around and we were being told the bar was closed. Actually the bartender, Denise, was great and joined in our conversation as well and kept playing good music for us.

Even though getting up this morning wasn't so fun it was great to just hang out with some locals and really get a feel for how people spend their time around here.

Rumsey ... out.

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Anonymous said...

Don't start getting so comfortable you don't come back!! Just kidding... That was one of my favourite blogs because you can tell you're really getting into the groove there. Can't wait to see you!!!! Kelly