Thursday, March 03, 2005

Living in Heidelberg

I have now been in Germany for about a week and a half and am beginning to feel like I am living here. I know my way around, have taken several forms of public transit and has eaten at many of its restaurants. I still have yet to explore the old part of town near the castle but plan on walking there tonight as well as next Monday.

Last night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Mannheim. I've been told it is one of the best in the world! Never having had Vietnamese food before I really had nothing to compare it too. I had some beef dish wrapped in La-Lot (sp?) leaves with rice noodles. It was quite good but definately not my favourite type of food. It is fun to try out new food though so am very happy that I went. While in Mannheim we also got to see the McDonald's. What is interesting about this McDonald's is what is above it. The fast food giant is on the main level and then on the two floors above it is a huge fitness centre. The gym has windows all around it and all the treadmills had a front row view of the golden arches outside. OK, so it wasn' that interesting of a story but I thought it was a funny sight to see.

My room/home...

Bizmartplatz...the main transit hub of Heidelberg steps away from my hotel

And finally the entrance to my hotel

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Rumseybold said...

Hi Ant, Wow! You have been up to a lot since I last checked the Blogger. Nice accomodation, looks very comfortable. Have you seen any printing presses? "Heidelberg" makes some of the best. Will be posting the outdoor pictures from Tremblant and my pictures from Arizona. Stay Tuned. Weather in Arizona was good, about 20. It was sad to come back to all the snow. Hope spring comes soon.