Sunday, June 26, 2005


Saturday was a full day with all of us hopping into the car and driving two hours south to Monterey and Carmel. Before getting there however we made a stop in San Jose to visit the Winchester Mystery House. This house is a huge mansion that was continually built over many years by a slightly eccentric rich woman. It has stairs that go nowhere, fake windows and goofy staircases.

We then drove down to Carmel and the 17 mile drive. This scenic drive along the Pacific coast is absolutely beautiful and includes the famous Pebble Beach golf resort. In Monterey we had a bite to eat and strolled along Cannery Row to do some shopping.

By now it was close to 8:00 pm and well past time to head back to San Francisco. On the way back we dropped the rental car off at the airport and then took the BART back to our hotel.

To finish of our day we headed out to a pub for a few drinks and even found a 24-hour diner for some greasy late night food.

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lionel said...

the BART? what the hell is that, Bizarre Attraction for Romantic Tourists?
A funny subway owned by the creators of the simpsons???