Monday, August 22, 2005

Birthday weekend is over

Even though it didn't go completely as planned the 28th installment of Shannon and Kelly's birthday is over.

My previous post already talked about the dismal service received from the Boing! trampoline facility in Gatineau.

To continue on our unlucky streak it was the weather next that thwarted plans to go to the cottage for the weekend. Shannon and I took Friday off in order to relax and prepare for the trip but by noon the rain and cold weather prompted us to cancel the trip. :-( It may have still been fun at the cottage in the rain but nicer weather would have definitely made it MUCH better.

With the cottage trip cancelled we did end up going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Saturday afternoon which was pretty fun but also quite absurd.

The weather finally got nicer on Sunday however so we ended up going on a 35 km bike ride around Orleans which was lots of fun.

Only 361 days until the next Shannon and Kelly birthday extravaganza. I wonder what we will get up to next year?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Boing! or bust

Well actually Boing! WAS a bust.

The final stop for Shannon and Kelly's birthday was to be Boing! trampoline in Gatineau. We had made a reservation a week prior for 10 people to use their facility between 9:00 and 10:00. Unfortunately, dinner went a little late and we got lost on the way so didn't end up getting to the Boing! facility until about 9:10. Yes, a whole 10 minutes late. No big deal right? Well you'd be wrong. The employee working at Boing! decided to shut down the whole facility even though their posted hours were until 10:00 pm. To make matters even more absurd the employee knew we were there but refused to show her face. Oh but it gets better. Next up her "boyfriend?" shows up supposedly to pick her up but then leaves since we are asking him questions about why the place isn't open. Another 20 minutes goes by as we try to figure out what to do next and the "boyfriend" shows up again and this time sneaks the employee out of the building and speeds off. Needless to say we all had a good laugh about how absurd the whole situation was and have no idea how anyone would try running a business like this.

I'm sure this story isn't over yet so check back for updates. In the meantime I would recommend never paying to go to Boing! in Gatineau. There are much better places you can spend your money.

Happy Birthday Shannon and Kelly

Today is Shannon and Kelly's birthday!! The twins are turning 28!!

A plethora of events have been planned to mark this momentous occasion but I cannot divulge everything she there are a few suprises in store still.

The birthday extravaganza starts tonight at a new Ottawa restaurant called Milestones. After a few hours of drinks and dinner we will moving to an undisclosed location for some more suprise activitites.

The fun doesn't stop there though. This weekend a group of us (including the birthday girls) are off to a cottage for more fun, relaxation and possibly a few more suprises. Man I love suprises.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Shannon and Kelly,
Happy Birthday to you!