Sunday, October 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Lionel

It is October 16th which means it is Lionel's birthday once again. The frenchman is turning 28 today!!

The celebrate a bunch of of are going to Khao Thai in the market. This is a newish Thai restaurant tht we've wanted to try for a while so tonight sounds like a good opportunity.

On the subject of Thai food I was driving down Wellington Street a few weeks ago and noticed Siam Bistro was all boarded up. It looked pretty closed but I did offer the suggestion that maybe this was just new decorations. Somehow I don't think I was right though.

I am looking forward to visiting this new Thai restaurant tonight however especially since it has received pretty good reviews. I will let you know how it went tomorrow.

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lionel said...

Thanks Anthony!
I visited your website today, it's been awhile, I'm impressed to see that you keep updating your site regularly, not like mine!
Happy scuba dive in dominican!