Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's November already?

Man how time flies! Where did the last month go?

Well to start off we all had a great time at Khao Thai in the Market for Lionel's birthday. The food was great! I had some reservations since my past few Thai experiences were not so good but I am a believer again. Mmmmm good.

In the past few weeks Kelly and Lionel also sold their house and are moving to their new one this weekend. How exciting! I've already been over once to help paint and can't wait to go back again to help them settle in.

Now that Haloween is over it is now finally time to look forward to Christmas. Yes - that wonderful time of year is almost upon us. We are even having Christmas in Ottawa this year which will be a blast especially since it will end with a New Years wedding for Kelly and Lionel. Before long the tree will be going up along with all the decorations. More on this later though.

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