Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Big cat

It was Emma's birthday yesterday but our now 8-year old cat still thinks she can fit into a basket that is clearly too small now. I took this picture while she was faking to be asleep the day before her birthday which also happened to be the hottest day of the year. I was working from home on Monday and the temperature insid ethe house got up to 32 degrees celsius!! Part of the reason for this was that the power went out in the afternoon due to our provincial government's inability to adequately plan for our future energy requirements as well as society's general inability to try to conserve even a little bit of energy. It does cost tons of money to build new generating plants so I can see why the province has been reluctant to do so. What I really don't get is why people don't try to conserve more. It is better for the environment plus it saves you money by lowering your energy bills. Replacing light bulbs is such a simple task yet barely anyone does it. Running your air conditioner a few degrees warmer is easy but no one does it. Our houses don't have to be 22 degrees all the time! If every houehold made a few small changes it would make a difference but the biggest culprit I think is business and especially the retail sector. Why to stores have to be so bright and cold? I was at the Loblaws Superstore the other day and it could have easily been a few degrees warmer and every single light was on! Conversely, Wal-Mart, a place I generally enjoy to loath has turned off half of the lights in their store. It's amazing! Even with half of the lights off the store was still plenty bright and even less harsh on the eyes as usual? Especially during the day why don't more stores opt to turns some of their lights off? Do they really think no one will shop if a few lights aren't on?

How can a society be forced to curb its over indulgence? I think it comes down to one thing...MONEY. If people really want to use huge amounts of energy they should have to pay for it. This will give the neccessary incentive to those who choose to conserve.