Friday, September 08, 2006

Western Canada Vacation: Day 9: Vancouver

We're back on the ferry heading to our final destination...Vancouver!

Two nights ago we went to SoBo for dinner in Tofino which was only a minute from our B&B.  Shannon and I had our most expensive meal of our trip here but were both thoroughly impressed. Shannon had salmon and I had halibut and both dishes were incredibly fresh and tasted great! We had the famous fish tacos to start which despite being an odd combination of flavours was good as well.

On our last full day in Tofino our only plan was to explore the numerous hiking trails in the Pacific Rim National Park. As usual we were ambitious and managed to hike about 9 km of the available trails leaving us exhausted again by the end of the day. I especially loved the rainforest hike.

On Friday morning (today) we woke up to rain in Tofino. As this was mainy a travel day it didn't bother us too much. After packing the car up and saying good-bye to our B&B hosts we did make a stop in Ucluelet for a quick hike as the rain had temporarily stopped.

Next on the agenda is finally a few relatively relaxing days in the city to end our vacation.  We do have a long list of things we'd like to do however and only three days to get them done in.  Once we check in to our hotel this evening our plan is to find some dinner and figure out what we'll be doing each day.

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