Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coming soon in 2007...

As I mentioned before a lot has been going on at planetrumsey.  Most importantly, we have a new addition coming to planetrumey in 2007 and it is only a few more months away.  Shannon and I are having a baby and have already made it through the first trimester!

The expected arrival of the new baby Rumsey is July 11, 2007.

A few weeks ago was the first ultrasound at about 12.5 weeks.  This was are first glimpse at the new baby and a check to make sure everything was progressing as it should.

Here is the first official picture of baby Rumsey (aka Ziggy).

The next ultrasound will be around the 20 week mark (half way..eeek!) and should be when we can determine the sex.

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