Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moving at a snail's pace

So another week has gone by and all that has changed on our new home is the cementing of our basement and garage.  I guess this is progress but I really want to start seeing some framing being done in order to boost my confidence level.

Here's my usual shot from the street.  Probably doesn't look too much different except for a ladder sticking up from the basement.


The bottom of this picture will be the utility room including furnace, tub, tankless hot water heater and electrical.  The top of the picture will be where our eventual rec room is going to be.


Here is the other side of the basement.  Those tubes with blue caps on them are the 2-piece bathroom rough ins.  We could have had a 3-piece rough in but decided we didn't have a need for a third shower in the basement.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with this side of the basement yet.  I could create an L-shaped rec room but I also want to leave enough unfinished space for storage.  Once the house is done I will have a better idea of what the dimensions are.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Avery Crawling

Avery has finally begun to figure out crawling.  Here is a video we took yesterday of one of her attempts.  While not perfect she can definitely move around now.  I guess this means we need to start baby proofing the house finally.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Back filling of foundation is complete

Framing has still not begun but at least on my last visit our basement had been completely back filled and our backyard graded. This now gives us a slightly better vision of how our lot is going to end up looking once everything is complete.

View of the front of our house from the street. Garage is on the left and the living room is one the right.


Looking down into the basement. This side of the basement will be under the living/dining room and the kitchen.


This photo was taken from the back corner of our lot. This should hopefully give an impression on what our backyard size is going to be like. Nothing huge for sure but not too small either. Should be enough room for Avery to play and have a swing set. You can also see the houses across the street from us here. Their closing dates are about a month before ours. This means in a months time our house better look like theirs now.


Since we had our fireplace moved this basement window also had to be moved. The new location is right under our patio doors. The opening of the patio door will be just to the left of this window though so it should be OK. Shannon already has some creative ideas on how the window can be incorporated into our eventual patio design for this area.