Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-drywall inspection

On Thursday we had our pre-drywall inspection. This was really just an opportunity to meet our site foreman and get a walk through of our house. I did manage to spot some defects however that I was told would be fixed. At this stage of construction all the electrical, low voltage wiring, plumbing and HVAC is done and all the insulation has also been completed. Once the city signs off on the insulation drywall will be going up next. As I was leaving on Thursday the city inspector was just showing up. Hopefully everything went well with the inspection and if so we may have drywall already.

The outside doesn't look too much different except for some Tyvek and insulation in the garage.


Our ensuite shower.


Our main bath tub.


Our family room all insulated.


And our kitchen.


A fall day at the park

Avery loves the P-A-R-K and at this time of year she also loves playing in the leaves. Here are a couple pictures of recent trip to one of our local parks. With only a week to go before our moves Avery won't get to visit these parks too much longer.





Saturday, October 11, 2008

Plumbing and Ducting week

From the outside there doesn't look like much work has been done on the house in the past couple of weeks (except for the pile of bricks now sitting in our front lawn). Inside however there has been a consistent stream of activity.  Most noticeably almost all of the ducting and plumbing has been completed.  All electrical boxes have also been installed waiting to be wired.  We also now have all our stairs installed so all levels of the house can be easily explored.


Here's our kitchen.  The stump in the middle of the room is for the sink that will be in our eventual island.  If you look at the ceiling you'll also notice the beginning of pot lights being added.


This is a shot of where the two sinks in our ensuite will be as well as the half wall separating the toilet.


Last but not least is the basement.  All that has been done down here is the installation of windows.  I still enjoy visiting the basement tohugh so I can dream about how I can finish it in the future.


Friday, October 03, 2008

Less than a month until move #1

I am writing this entry on my iPod using the BlogWriter app. This is my first attempt so I will be brief.

Packing has now begun as we prepare to leave our current home for temporary living quarters as we wait for new home to be completed.