Saturday, October 9, 2021

West Coast Travels: Day 6 - Back to the City

Our brief stay in Whistler has come to an end and we are once again on the Sea to Sky highway but heading 120 km south this time all the way to Vancouver. Since we didn’t have too far to drive meant we could still have a relaxing morning at the resort with some more swimming plus some time to stroll around the village and check out some of the stores. As the morning came to an end we finally packed up the car once again and began our journey south.

I hope by now it won’t be surprising to find out I had a few stops planned along our route. The first stop was only a few kilometres south of Whistler at Train Wreck trail  Train Wreck trail is one of Whistler’s most unique locations that only recently was even accessible by the public. Celebrated for its visual juxtaposition of metal and nature, history and culture, Whistler’s infamous “Train Wreck” used to be off-limits because access to the site involved walking along the railway tracks. The site, long favoured by local graffiti artists, photographers, trail runners, hikers and bikers became a legit tourism destination with the opening of a new suspension bridge spanning the Cheakamus river in 2013. How the boxcars got here dats back to 1956 when a train traveling to Vancouver derailed in the narrow passage. With not other means to remove the damaged boxcars they were scattered like Yahtzee dice among the towering cedar and fir trees lining the mighty Cheakamus River.

Our next stop was Brandywine Falls, only a few more minutes away on Hwy. 99. The waterfall is an amazing sight as it tumbles 70 m straight down into a massive canyon which has been carved out over the passing of time. The name Brandywine is believed to have come from a wager between two surveyors for the Howe Sound and Northern Railway over the height of the Falls. The closest guess winning a bottle of brandy(wine).

By now the rain had caught up with us so we got back in the car and drove the remaining route non-stop all the way to our hotel in Vancouver. Well that is not quite true. Since we were passing by Squamish we did pop by for a quick beverage and snack from Sunflower Bakery & Cafe. This popular spot is well known for its donut creations (but including gluten free!) as well some great coffee and tea choices to go with them.

We finally arrived at our final hotel for the next three days and had a little bit of time to relax before it was time to head out for dinner. We actually had dinner reservations this evening in Yaletown since we were meeting up with a co-worker of Shannon’s that lives in Vancouver. It was great for them to finally meet in person and we all had a delicious meal too.

Train Wreck Trail

Brandywine Falls


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