Saturday, June 15, 2019

Forty One Days

Hello and welcome!

I have been very fortunate in my career and personal life to travel to many locations across our planet. The goal of this blog is to hopefully chronicle these adventures from the past, present and future.

There's no time like the present, so let's get started!

Whenever I have an opportunity to travel for business I always make a point of exploring the new location the best I can. Sometimes it may only be for an afternoon or for an entire weekend. Either way I seize the opportunity to experience a tiny bit more of our amazing planet each time. My wife, two young daughters, and I also love to explore new and interesting places. These adventures may be one day, over a weekend or multi-week endeavours. My philosophy on travelling alone extends to these family vacations as well.

Why start a blog? Why now? Why forty one days?

My current employer offers an amazing benefit of a sabbatical every five years. Each sabbatical starts at 4 weeks and then eventually increases up to 6 weeks. This is an amazing benefit that gives each employee an opportunity to truly disconnect and experience a completely different routine of their choosing. So, this year I am fortunate to be taking a 6 week sabbatical along with some additional vacation days for a total of 7 weeks. During the majority of this time my daughters will also be off of school and my wife will also be taking a leave of absence. In order to seize such a rare opportunity I decided to ensure this time was not wasted and came up with a plan that included much needed family time as well as plenty of adventure.

I am starting this blog in order to not only share this upcoming adventure and document it for myself but also look back on previous adventures as well. My sabbatical starts in forty one days which is when the adventure officially starts. Between now and then I will provide clues on what has been planned so be sure to follow along to discover what happens.

Get ready to travel with me as we explore this amazing planet.

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