Wednesday, July 31, 2019

One week to go

While we are still very much enjoying our time at the cottage, today marks one week until we head off on our next adventure. In one week we will be boarding a plane in order to begin the second part of my sabbatical travel trilogy. In one week we will be arriving in Central America in order to explore the mountains, volcanos, rainforest, waterfalls and beaches. In one week we will be meeting Ticos and experiencing the Pura Vida lifestyle.

Have you guessed where our next destination is yet? I'm sure you have. We're off to Costa Rica for 14 amazing days!!

We've taken our kids on many trips before but never for a full two weeks and never have we've asked them to participate in quite so many adventures. I know they can handle it and I know we are all up for exploring the beauty Costa Rica has to offer.

We are arriving and departing from the capital of San Jose and I have planned a loop over the 14 days that will take us to Bajos del Toro, La Fortuna, Bijagua, Samara and Monteverde.

We are renting a car to get us around and will be spending a few nights in each location in order to explore the area and not feel like we're always in a car driving. The maximum driving time for any one leg will be a maximum of 3 hours, except for the Samara - Monteverde leg which will be slightly longer. We are also spending extra time in Samara in order to fully explore the area at a more relaxed pace and to maximize our beach time.  Our accommodations will be a mix of hotels and AirBnb. I'll go into more details on our accommodations as the trip progresses.

All we really need to do now do a bunch of laundry after the cottage and then re-pack for our trip to Costa Rica!                                                                                                                                                                 

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