Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Costa Rica Adventure: Day 0

The day has finally arrived. Well, the day before has finally arrived. 

It has now been over 6 months of planning, reading every article on My Tan Feet and Two Weeks in Costa Rica (plus countless other blogs) and reading hundreds of reviews. Early tomorrow morning my family and I will be heading off to Toronto airport to begin our two week adventure in Costa Rica. My fingers are crossed there won’t be too many delays and after a 5.5 hour flight we should be arriving in San Jose around noon. After picking up our luggage, SIM card and some duty free we’ll grab our shuttle and head off to Adventure Inn for our first night. Once checked in the plan is to also pick up some groceries to get us through the first few days of our vacation. Our rental car is also being delivered to the hotel which makes our life so much easier. Meanwhile, the hotel has a pool so the kids will also be entertained.

See you next in Costa Rica!

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