Monday, August 12, 2019

Costa Rica Adventure: Day 6 - Samara

Today was our first full day in Samara and after the previous four full days of adventure we chose to make it a little more relaxed. We still got up early (5:30 am) since that seems to be the norm in Costa Rica. After getting ready we then proceeded to make breakfast in our AirBnB from the groceries we picked up the day before. We’re trying to buy local instead of relying on imported North American brands which are more expensive. We ended up finding eggs, cheese from Monteverde, yogurt and bread. We also picked up some Lizano Salsa. Costa Ricans put this on everything and it is amazing. We’re definitely going to bring some home.

Enough about food, let’s move on.

We also decided to leave the car behind today so planned to walk to town along the beach. The walk to the beach from our house was only about 10 minutes. It was great to finally dip our feet in the ocean as we walked towards the centre of town. Anthony even brought out the drone to capture some cool shots from above only to later find out he forgot to put the memory card back in. 🤦‍♂️ Once we arrived to small central area of Samara we did a few boring tasks like getting more cash from the ATM and booking a snorkelling tour for later in the week. By then it was close enough to lunch so we stopped at Bohemia Cafe for some iced drinks and paninis. We chose this cafe because they advertised having gluten free bread but they ended up being out.  Still, everyone, other than Anthony, raved about the paninis. After lunch we started our return walk back to the house but this time along the Main Street instead. Along the way we checked out a few shops, got some ice cream and picked up some more groceries to make lunch and dinner.

We stayed at the house for the rest of the day and played in the pool or simply relaxed. We then cooked up some dinner, dined outside and played some cards to end the night.

It looks like it will be even warmer tomorrow which will most likely mean more time in the water. Sounds good to me!

Samara Beach

Lots of dogs to greet

A girl and her swing

Beer o’clock

Sausage, mashed potato & grilled cheese

Outdoor dining

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