Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Costa Rica Adventure: Day 7 - Beach Trio

We are now very well settled in Samara so today we decided in go in search of some hidden beaches. The Nicoya peninsula has so many beautiful beaches it is hard to decide on which ones to visit. We decided to go in search of a few that were near Samara.

First up was Playa Barrigona  This beach is only a few kilometres north of Samara but the most direct route requires a river crossing which can be quite dangerous in the rainy season. We opted to take the longer inland route which avoided driving through a river. I also read that the final road to the beach can become a muddy potholed mess but when we went it actually was’t that bad. This secluded crescent shaped beach is so beautiful that even Mel Gibson built a huge resort next to it. He actually tried to buy the beach too but Costa Rica law ensures all beaches remain public. The beauty of this beach is that there is nothing there. No stores, not food, no one trying to sell something. It is just you, the beach, the ocean and the green hillsides behind you. After spending a few hours playing in the water and walking along the beach it was time to move on.

Next up was Playa Barca Quebrado. This beach is even less visited than Barrigona but is very nice as well. The beach here is rocky instead of sand but the views are still just as impressive. This was only a quick visit so by now lunch time was nearing so we started our drive along the bumpy dirt road back to Samara.

Once back in Samara we headed back to our house to make some lunch. On the menu today was macaroni and cheese. Anthony and the girls also enjoyed some pool time while Shannon made lunch.

With lunch out of the way it was time to visit our third and final beach of the day. This final beach Samara beach so very close to us. We easily found a spot to set up on the sand and then immediately ran into the ocean to play in the waves.  Both girls lasted the longest and were in the water for hours jumping over and under the waves. As is quite common in Costa Rica we then found a couple of dogs on the beach who were quite amused every time Avery or Hannah threw some sand into the air.

All good things must eventually come to an end and sure enough the sun started to set so we retreated to a nearby beachfront restaurant for dinner. We’re loving the rainy season as it means there are way less people which also means getting prime beachfront seating at a restaurant is super easy. Drinks were ordered first. Fruit smoothies for the girls, one was “con leche” and the other was “con agua”. An iced coffee for Shannon and the drink special of the day for Anthony which just happened to be a Cuba Libre.

After dinner everyone was yet again tired from another day in the sun so back to the house we went and soon enough everyone was in bed for the night.

Playa Barrigona

Even “Elmo” deserves some down time
Aw, aren’t they the cutest

Loving the roads here
Playa Barco Quebrado
Silly selfie
Aw, aren’t they the cutest

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