Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Costa Rica Adventure: Day 8 - Dolphins and Whales

Today’s Costa Rica Adventure entry is going going to be a little short since we didn’t really get up to much. We also happen to be at the halfway mark of our vacation as well so being a little less active will hopefully mean some energy can be saved up for the second half since there is still a lot of adventures to come.

What we did end up doing today was booking a boat tour that included searching for dolphins and whales plus some time to snorkel near the reef. We were picked up at 8:00 am and taken to the beach where we boarded our boat along with three other people. We then headed about 1km out into the ocean in search of some sea life. At first we couldn’t find much but then a pod of dolphins appeared and swam around our boat jumping out of the water every so often. The we also saw the spray of water in the distance so sped off to investigate. We were then greeted by a mother and baby humpback whale breaching at the surface before going back under water again. Next, we traveled back towards the shore to do some snorkelling near the reef and Isla Chora. This part of the excursion was a little bit of a let down since there really wasn’t any sea life to observe. It was nice to jump in the water but that was about it. With that the tour was over and the boat dropped us off at the centre of Samara. The funny thing is we were supposed to have transportation to and from the boat but there was no van waiting for us. Luckily, our house wasn’t too far away so we chose to just walk back and make some lunch. We ended up not taking any pictures during the boat tour so there isn’t anything to show from it.

We had thought about possibly going back to Samara beach in the afternoon but everyone was really tired so we opted instead to stay at the house, use the pool, shower and have a nap.

For dinner tonight we decided to return to the Flying Taco for dinner and their happy hour specials. We got half off some appetizers and dessert plus cheap beer. We also participated in a few games of ping pong before calling it a night.

That is all we got up to today. Hopefully the energy levels are back up tomorrow since we have more hiking and another secret beach to discover. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Only photo from the boat
(maybe some on GoPro)

Ping Pong at the Flying Taco

Rare to find a cat

Full moon over Samara beach

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