Sunday, September 1, 2019

British Invasion: Day 4 - Welsh Countryside

I have had the opportunity to travel to Wales many times in my lifetime and I still never get tired of all the amazing scenery. Seriously, if you have never travelled to North Wales or have never considered a trip to North Wales I strongly suggest you do. You will not be disappointed!

So today's big plan was for my parents and I to meet up with all my cousins and second cousins along with my aunt and uncle at Gors Bach for their famous Sunday Roast. The Sunday Roast came to prominence during the reign of King Henry VII in 1485 and the Yeoman of the Guard–the royal bodyguard–have affectionately been known as "beefeaters" since the 15th century because of their love of eating roast beef. The Sunday lunchtime roast still remains popular today and is a perfect opportunity for families to gather together at home or the local pub.

After a delicious and filling Sunday roast as well as catching up with all my cousins we once again headed back down the road to my cousin Glynne's house for the remainder of the afternoon. Glynne raises and trains sheepdogs so while we were there he and I took off to one of his fields for the daily training routine. We gathered up a few sheep and trained the commands "come around" and "away" to control the dog's direction with its natural hunting instinct. I also brought the drone out and was able to capture some stunning views of the Welsh countryside and mountains.

To wrap up the day of family time I encouraged my parent's to take the "scenic" way back to Bethel which involved a trip over and around the mountain. This route took us through some winding and narrow roads which were a blast to drive on even if it probably made my parents a little nervous. Again, the views along this entire stretch were stunning and I would have stopped at every turn if I could have. I did manage to stop a couple times to enjoy the view and even found one of the many public footpaths in the area to walk up for a little bit.

So that, my friends is the end of another day. I am loving the chance to connect with my family in Wales while being able to enjoy the beautiful countryside at the same time.

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